About CJCS

The Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies (CJCS) is committed to publishing research and scholarship on the analysis of media and culture. The journal pays attention to original research, particularly but not exclusively, related to the Catalan cultural and media systems.

CJCS’s approach is multidisciplinary, publishing articles dealing directly or through a comparative frame with media and communication history, media and cultural policies, audience and reception studies, cultural and national identity, media discourses, intercultural communication, sport and media, language and media language uses, new media and the internet, gender studies, cinema, popular culture, media and cultural industries, public relations, advertising, tourism and cultural heritage.

Edited by Intellect, the Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies publishes two issues per year containing peer-reviewed articles, research notes and commentary, contemporary events, trends and debates, interviews, key documents and book reviews. Its overall aim is to disseminate and stimulate scholarly interest in the above-mentioned fields.

We welcome any submissions in line with the scope and aims of the CJCS! Please read our Notes for Contributors.