Issue on i-Docs published

Our Special Issue 12.2 ‘Documentary Film Mutations: New Opportunities for Social Change’ is now online. This brand new issue is an exquisit selection of the latest trends in the field of i-docs and its different degrees of interaction and immersion, breaking the boundaries of the conventional screen. Topics as diverse as immigrant communities in the US, 360º immersive experiences for youth, health and empowerment for women, makes this a highly committed issue that goes way beyond the technical aspects of interactive documentary film.

I would like to thank Dr. Fernando Canet from the Universitat Politècnica de València, and his co-editors Stefano Odorico and Xosé Soengas for their hard work on this issue, which is the first of its kind in this journal.

Read the introduction to the special issue:

Documentary film mutations for social justice: Introductory reflections
Authors: Canet, Fernando; Odorico, Stefano; Soengas, Xosé


Content loaded within last 14 days Digital transformation of doing documentary: Committed documentary and the knitting of networks of co-creation
Author: Wiehl, Anna

Content loaded within last 14 days Documentary subversions and migrant agency: Towards an alternative audio-visual portrait of immigrant communities in the United States
Authors: Limón Serrano, Nieves; Moya Jorge, Tamara

Content loaded within last 14 days Youth empowerment through the creation of i-docs: Educational and social impacts
Authors: Jiménez-Morales, Manel; Lopera-Mármol, Marta; Salvadó Romero, Alan

Content loaded within last 14 days Immersive experiences in 360° video for social youth engagement
Authors: Ivars-Nicolás, Begoña; Martínez-Cano, Francisco-Julián; Cuadra-Martínez, Joan

Content loaded within last 14 days Use of virtual reality and 360° video as narrative resources in the documentary genre: Towards a new immersive social documentary?
Authors: Rodríguez-Fidalgo, María Isabel; Paíno-Ambrosio, Adriana

Content loaded within last 14 days Strengthening women empowerment through i-docs: Alternative forms of participation and civic engagement in the feminist movement
Authors: Pérez-Escolar, Marta; Cortés-Selva, Laura

Content loaded within last 14 days Interactive documentaries and health: Combating HIV-related stigma and cultural trauma
Author: Villanueva Baselga, Sergio

Content loaded within last 14 days Documentary games for social change: Recasting violence in the latest generation of i-docs
Author: Dowling, David O.

Content loaded within last 14 days Do as I say, not as I do: Documentary, data storytelling and digital privacy
Author: Scott-Stevenson, Julia

Content loaded within last 14 days Data and documentaries: Methodological hybridizations in activism
Author: Gutiérrez, Miren

Congratulations to all for a great issue!

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