Read. Write. Grow.

When Enric Castelló and other members of the editorial team suggested me as a new editor of the CJCS I thought they were joking. To be at the height of Enric’s devotion, perseverance and quality as an editor is, to say the least, a challenge.

But against all odds I decided to take this challenge.

I feel privileged: the journal has grown up and is now reaching new heights in the international scene of scholars and practitioners in media and film studies, cultural practices, gender studies, public relations and social communication. Our multidisciplinary approach and the recent indexation in Scopus is rapidly multiplying the journal’s impact in these fields.

As a Belgian citizen and ‘cultural’ Flemish living in Catalonia since 1996, I have been interested in the (de)construction of national and cultural identities through media as a major site of social negotiation for a long time. As the Catalan national identity and independence are gaining momentum, the CJCS provides in-depth analysis of past and current cultural processes in Catalan society as well as in other European and international contexts. These two perspectives, the local and the global, are the strength of the journal and appeal to a growing and diverse readership.

Finally, the unconditional support from the Intellect staff back in Bristol and from my colleagues at the Communication Department of the Rovira and Virgili University – especially our new managing editor Carlota Moragas -, helped me to make up my mind and take this challenge.

So, dear readers and authors: let’s keep reading, keep writing, keep growing.

Cilia Willem, October 2014

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