“From farm to fork”: a nice presentation

What strategies in the social media can we apply when communicating food issues? What opportunities do these strategies offer? And what inconveniences are to be found? Reflexions like these have dominated the presentation of the latest special issue of Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies, entitled “Communication and Food for Health Benefits: Negotiating Meanings in Networked Times”, last week at URV.

The presentation counted on the participation of the blogger Txàber Allué, better known as El Cocinero Fiel, who emphasized the importance of the online prescribers when it comes to social media. In that same direction, the director of URV-Repsol International Chair for Excellence in Communication, Jordi Farré, indicated that there has been a change in the pattern of food communication, which “has gone from from fark to fork to from farm to blog”.

“Don’t think you’re better just because you’re a journalist” and “find a market niche and become a specialist” those were some of the advice that El Cocinero Fiel gave the students of communication during the presentation of the latest issue of Catalan Journal of Communication and Social Studies at the University Rovira i Virgili. During the conference, Allué stressed the importance of achieving digital prestige to become a node between networks of users and to adapt the message depending on the channel.

Allué’s thoughts on his own experiences as a gastronomy blogger are collected in the video “FoodRisC: Estrategias de comunicación 2.0”(“FoodRisC: Social Media Communication Strategies), which was shown during the presentation. And they’re also to be found in the article “Food sector communication and online influencers” in CJCS. Around two hundred people assisted to the speech, most of them graduate students of communication studies at URV that had the chance to exchange ideas and ask questions about the topic.



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