Articles of issue 5.1 included in Scopus

Before summer Scopus accepted the inclusion of Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies in its index. Right now articles of issue 5.1 are already included in it. In brief CJCS will have a ranking position but at this moment the authors contributing in the issue are able to see who is citing their articles.

Issue 5.1 is containing six articles including a research on the news report during the Catalan elections in 2010; a study on early Francoist propaganda documentaries; an analysis of genre representation in a Spanish fiction serial; an article on the public relations profession in Spain and the adaptation of Grunnig paradigm on excellence; another about the presence of female journalists in Austria and the difference in their role and work conditions regarding their male colleagues; and the last on the media coverage of the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The issue is completed with a Viewpoint research note about how Belgian press reports on Catalonia and the Gateway article from David Altheide entitled Shielding risk, that offers an approach to risk communication, media and society, exploring concepts like media logic, politics of fear and surveillance society.

This part is the first of the fifth volume that soon we will be completed with a special issue on food and communication, which is already in press. The whole volume will be the first being tracked by the Scopus platform.


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