Our section policies

The Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies has published its section policies. This is the criteria to follow respecting the sections of an academic journal and they are of interest for the authors and editors -as well as for the readers- in order to see how the journal works in terms of submitting, reviewing and indexing articles.

The nature of an academic journal content is diverse. Therefore, it is more and more usual to find examples of how the journals operate regarding their sections. Some of the examples we find are in journals that have some similarities to the CJCS:

Therefore, and already published in the Catalan Journal website, we have established the following section policies.

Articles: Open submissions – Yes ; Indexed – Yes; Peer review – Yes

Viewpoint: Open submissions – Yes; Indexed – Yes; Peer review – Yes (By the editors)

Editorials: Open submissions – No; Indexed – Yes; Peer reviewed – No

Gateway: Open submissions – No; Indexed – Yes; Peer review -No.

Book reviews: Open submissions – No; Indexed – Yes; Peer reviewed – No


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