Special on gender, now on-line available

It is great to announce that the new special issue of the CJCS is now available at Ingenta. The issue is entitled “Gender Relations in the Media. Conflicting Pictures and New Representational Practices” and is guest-edited by Sofie Van Bauwel (Ghent University) and Iolanda Tortajada (Universitat Rovira i Virgili).

Tortajada and Van Bauwell’s editorial leads the issue with an editorial focused on contemporary research questions on gender and the media. This text also presents the content of the issue and discusses the main topics and relationship among authors proposals.

Katixa Agirre (University of East Anglia and Universidad del País Vasco) offers an interesting article on Mad men and the post-feminist sensibility of the fiction series, relying on Rosalind Guill’s concepts. Marian Navarro and Marta Martín (Universitat d’Alacant) display a systematic analysis of gender and advertising studies. They carried out a review of 215 articles published in English and Spanish between 1988 and 2010 and included in seven national and international databases.

This topic is completed by the study of Natalia Pueyo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), who analysed and mapped the composition of the creative departments of the advertising industry. One of her main results point out: “The lowest female participation was found in the creative department, while women outnumbered men in the account and the media services departments”.

In this issue, Hinda Mandell (Rochester Insititute of Technology) publishes a research  analysing the meanings of the press conferences on political scandals, meanwhile Chinenye Nwabueze offers an article on the presence of women in the Nigerian newspapers.

To end, the issue is closed by a couple of short articles for the Viewpoint section. In the first, Núria Araüna displays an insightful discussion and reflection on the media representations and sexual behaviours and Dolors Comas closes the issue with a brief note on the CAC’s recommendations to media and journalists to make women more visible in the news.

Overall, this is a new special which adds to the already published on risk communication and place branding, and that we hope will be of interest of our readers. We would like to thank all, authors, reviewers and editors for their efforts to get such a crucial milestone.


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