CJCS info in Chinese

It is great to see that we have some information about the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies in Chinese language. The publishers of the journal have uploaded a pdf in Mandarin to improve the internationalization of the journal, in accordance to the overall strategy of Intellect. We were glad to see this in the journal’s website and we received this message from Intellect:

Over the past few years China has emerged as a key market for the publishing industry, as such Intellect have turned our attention to this prominent region. Over the past year Intellect Director Mark Lewis has visited the region on two occasions, and as a result has forged some key partnerships for Intellect. Along with the work undertaken in the region we have also employed a Mandarin Translator and key marketing material and our company website are now available in Mandarin. Intellect is currently looking to develop our strategy and take our China project to the next stage.


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