A truly international journal

One of the interesting aspects of publishing in a truly international journal is that your work is read around the world. Scholars from five continents have access to the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies at the Intellect’s website, where the content of each volume is listed and instructions for authors or call for papers are distributed.

The libraries of some of the most reputed Spanish universities are subscribed to the journal, but your articles are also accessible to scholars and colleagues at, let’s say, the University of Chicago, Standford University or the Harvard College, institutions that were subscribed in 2010 and 2011.

Moreover, the journal content is easily accessible through the Ingenta Connect platform. In this on-line site, we have observed that scholars from a wide range of countries are consulting the articles published in the CJCS. Therefore, do not feel shocked if you are quoted in Argentina, Germany or the USA, to put some examples.

One nice picture of the internationalization of the CJCS is the offered by the stats from this blog. In the following image you can observe countries from all continents colored, from where people are having access to our news. After Spain, the country of most of the readers, UK and USA are the ones more interested in the news and information about the journal.


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