CJCS: The Book of Abstracts

The Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies (CJCS) has launched a Book of Abstracts which is available online and includes the abstracts of all articles published in the pages of the CJCS. At this time, the indexed issues are Vol. 1.1, Vol. 2.1., Vol. 2.2., and Vol. 3.1. The Book of Abstracts will be updated every time a new issue of the journal will be published.

The Book of Abstracts aims at improving the access to the Catalan Journal’s articles, offering in one document all the links to the full texts available also on the Atypon Link, with the advantage that the abstracts are easier to visualize in the book.

To view or download the Book of Abstract, click here or go to the Content section of the website.

For any question, please contact us at catalanjournal@urv.cat.


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