CJCS 3.1. is now available online!

The spring issue of Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies (Volume 3, issue 1, May 2011) is now available online and can be accessed here. Bellow are listed some titles of articles this issue of CJCS includes:

“Spain’s 2008 cyber-campaign: Only for a very active minority”. Authors: Víctor Sampedro, José López-Rey, Celia Muñoz Goy, José Luis Dader and Eva Campos Domínguez
“The use of IST applications in Catalan museums: A comparative evaluation carried out at the Museum-Monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès”. Authors: Laia Pujol-Tost, Anna Busanya-Vilar and Paloma González-Marcén
“Zombie language: The parody of newspaper columns in Quim Monzó’s radio commentaries”. Author: Antoni Maestre Brotons
“The myth of the natural in advertising”. Author: Pau Salvador

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