CJCS: first special issue on Risk Communication Published

On Monday, 31 January 2011, the editors of the Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies (CJCS) presented the first special issue in Tarragona (Spain). The same day, a conference entitled “Re-specifying risk in interactional terms: the implications for risk communication research” was held by Tom Horlick-Jones, Professor at the School of Social Science, Cardiff University, and guest co-editor of the special issue.

“We are very proud of this first special issue on the communicative turn in risk communication”, said Enric Castelló, main editor of CJCS, at the beginning of his presentation. Also, comments about the current special issue were addressed by Jordi Farré, director of the Department of Communication Studies at Universitat Rovira i Virgili and co-editor of the journal, and Tom Horlick-Jones, who added: “Future research into the communicative turn in Risk Communication needs to be firmly grounded in the lived experiences of the actors in question”.

Around 50 persons assisted at the presentation and conference that followed at the Catalan university. The editors also announced the theme of the second special issue, which will deal with Tourism and Communication.

♦ The Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies is available at http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-issue,id=1890/

♦ You can also find within the journal’s pages the contributions of experts in the field such as David Altheide (Arizona State University), Graham Murdock (Loughborough University) or Ortwin Renn (Stuttgart University).

Dr. Jordi Farré, Tom Horlick-Jones, Enric Castelló



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